Arts Strategy & Finance helps technology entrepreneurs and corporate clients achieve growth aspirations by shaping strategy, formulating plans & executing transactions. We add analytical, judgement and negotiating skills honed by twenty years of investment and operating experience in markets that undergo disruptive change. Services include corporate development, investment transactions, strategic improvement and restructuring.
From high level transaction design to implementation in a hands-on way, impatient for results!

Corporate Development

By bringing a fresh perspective to corporate development initiatives such as strategic partnerships, spin-outs and divestitures, we manage the process efficiently and conceive deal structures that balance the interests of all stakeholders with a maximum focus on value creation and long-term success. 

Strategic Improvement

We assist leaders in improving the performance of their organizations from a strategic perspective. Develop new plans to address long-term changes in the business context. Or present actionable alternatives to persistent problems that threathen the health of the business.

Investment Transactions

Financing is not a standalone event, it's an integral part of the broader strategy that technology ventures have to develop to become a sustainable business. We help entrepreneurs articulate their core strengths, present plans that balance ambition & realism and negotiate transaction terms with confidence.


We support managers and shareholders of companies in dealing with urgent situations related to business continuity. This involves developing contingency plans, balancing competing priorities in a dynamic environment and assessing alternatives to insolvency proceedings.